Fiber Cement Siding Is A Great New Siding Material

Fiber cement is a material that is becoming more popular for exterior siding. This is a great remodel because siding can be attached to most existing sidewalls, whether they are wooden, stucco or brick. Adding siding to your existing walls is a remodel that will have profound effects on your home. It changes the look and style of your home, but it also has some extra benefits. For instance, fiber cement will make your property greener by making it more energy efficient. Fiber cement might not be the first material that you think of when it comes to siding, but there are many reasons to choose this great material.

What Exactly Is Fiber Cement?

Fiber cement is a material that is used in all types of construction because it is both strong and light. For example, fiber cement boards are used as backing boards for heavy materials like tile and mortar. The fiber cement that is most commonly used for siding is much lighter than this construction board. Lightness is important when it comes to siding, especially for customers who want to self-install.

Most fiber cement comes in a neutral, grey stone color. These are affordable and most customers will paint them after they are installed. There are also pre-dyed products, which are better for customers who don't want to deal with the hassle of painting their siding.

Fiber Cement Is Modular

For many customers, especially DIYers, buying a modular product is important. Much like vinyl siding, fiber cement products are designed with self installation in mind. They are lighter and sold in manageable packages so everyday consumers can handle them. Modular siding planks have a very simple design that makes it possible to attach them to each other without any tools. The planks will hang from each other, meaning most of them will not even be directly secured to the old sidewall. Special pieces, called anchors, will need to be attached to the old sidewall. Attaching these so they are secure and level is probably going to be the most technical step in the whole process. Nonetheless, installing fiber siding is a project that is relatively simple. You don't need any special training or super expensive tools.

Even if you don't have much construction experience, you will most likely be able to handle the work. As long as you follow the basic installation guidelines, you can do the work on your own. For more information, talk to a professional like Kemp's Windows Inc.