Getting New Windows? Tips To Help Prepare For The Installation

Many homeowners decide to get wood windows for their home due to the material being strong and durable. However, wood windows require quite a bit of preparation before the installation can be considered finished. Work needs to be done to prevent moisture from getting into your home around the windows, and wood windows need some sort of sealant on them to protect the wood from the elements. Here are a few tips for prepping your wood windows for installation.

Pre-Installation Preparation

You'll need to take steps to prevent water from getting inside a new window, all of which can be done before the window is installed.

Use Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers are necessary to protect the windows from becoming damaged by water, but they are typically used beneath the window and not all around it. Thankfully, you can install house wrap to protect the sides and tops of your new windows. House wrap is a material that will prevent water from getting into your how, but allow the vapor to escape. It reduces the chance of mold and rot forming inside the walls.

Use Sealant Tape

Once you have the moisture barrier installed, you can provide an additional layer of protection by applying sealant tape. It's a tape made from a material that is similar to rubber, and will waterproof openings around your windows. Sealant tape can even be used as an alternative to house wrap as long as it is applied around the whole window. If house wrap has already been applied, you can use sealant tape on just the corners where the window will be installed.

Post-Installation Preparation

The job is not finished after the window is placed in your home, since you need to close gaps and protect the wood.

Use Caulk

You'll need to seal additional gaps around a wood window once it is installed in your home, which can be done using caulk. Caulk is placed wherever there's a gap between the window and your home. Once the caulk dries, it does not allow water or air to get in. through the gap it is covering

Use Paint or Sealant

Leaving the wood without a protective layer is a recipe for disaster. Now is the time to add a protective layer of stain or paint to the wood. Either will work just fine, but paint will give the window a splash of color that can compliment your home.

If you would rather not be bothered with all these steps, have a window contractor like Fischer Window and Door Store handle the installation for you.