Three Ways To Bring More Light In With Your New Windows

Natural light is good for the mind and for the body. It also has an amazing way of making your home decor look more colorful and fresh. If you are considering replacing your windows, then do so with the goal of bringing more light into your home. Here are three window replacement options that will maximize your natural light exposure. 

Bay Windows

If you have a large wall -- even if it currently has just one plain window on it -- consider replacing that window with a bay window. Your window installation technician can just widen the window opening to accommodate this new style of window. A bay window has three or four side-by-side window panels that emerge from the exterior wall as an arc. Since each window sits at a different angle, they capture sunlight from multiple directions. This way, natural sunlight enters your home all day long instead of just at certain hours.

Composite Window Sashes

You can find replacement windows made with a wide array if window sashes. The cheapest windows will often have aluminum sashes, and you can also find them made from vinyl and wood. However, all of these materials require that the window sash be made quite thick so that it remains anchored to the glass. Composite window sashes, which are made from a mixture of wood fibers and various polymers, are a lot thinner than sashes made from other materials. The material is stronger and less likely to warp in response to moisture, so the manufacturers can use a thinner strip of it to make the sash. As a result, each window has more glass space -- and lets in more sunlight.

Privacy Etching

Chances are, there are a few rooms where you rarely draw back the blinds or curtains because you don't want neighbors looking in. This tends to be the case in bathrooms and bedrooms, especially. When you draw the blinds, you're not just blocking the view, but also the natural light. A good alternative is to choose replacement windows that feature privacy etching on the glass. This etching blurs the view through the windows, but the windows still let in plenty of light. With etched privacy windows, you can enjoy more natural light in your bathroom and bedroom without giving up your privacy.

To learn more about these and other ways to bring more natural light in through your windows, speak with a window replacement company in your area, such as Energy Star Construction.