4 Ways Draperies Can Beautify Your Living Room

Your living room can be a casual family hang out or formal entertainment space — or range between the two. In any case, your living room probably sees a lot of use. As such, you want your window treatments to complement the rest of your décor. Choose draperies that showcase your lifestyle and your living room's personality.

Establish a Focal Point

As Home and Garden TV points out, your windows are a focal point in any room. In fact, a hallmark of design is establishing a focal point in your décor. If you have large windows and a gorgeous view, let the windows take center stage. Choose draperies that add to the drama, perhaps with a bold color or a luxurious fabric. You can also hang the panels just below the ceiling and let them flow to the floor. If you want to give your window a stage-like feel, add tie-backs and pull the panels half apart. Likewise, consider layering the treatment for light control by adding sheer panels or shades.

Create a Color Palette

Another design principle is adhering to a color scheme. Quite often designers use window treatments to match a set palette. However, if you choose patterned draperies, you can use the colors in the pattern to create the color scheme. Choose a primary accent color, and use it for bigger items such as throw rugs, pillows, and even chairs. Choose a secondary color from the pattern for smaller accent pieces such as vases, frames, and objets d'art. You can utilize the background color in your curtains for the foundational color of your palette.

Provide a Neutral Backdrop

Alternatively, your window treatments can provide a neutral backdrop for the rest of your décor. You can choose draperies in an accent color or a neutral shade. However, another option is choosing naturalistic window treatments such as bamboo shades or unbleached linen curtains. This way your draperies are beautiful but understated.

Emphasize Architecture

Perhaps your living room has special architecture, such as vaulted ceilings or arches. Your choice in window treatments can emphasize the unique architecture. For instance, if you have vaulted ceilings, you could mount the curtain rods high and hang long panels to emphasize the space. Such a window treatment also draws the eye up, making it ideal to highlight trimmed ceilings or clerestory windows. For arched entrances, consider hanging a swag at the top of the windows. The arch in the draped fabric echoes your arched entrances.  

Choose a unique aspect of your living room or create more character with your choice in window treatments.