Open Your Home To Outdoor Living Space: 3 Sliding Door Options To Integrate Interior And Exterior Spaces

If you are investing in renovations that include outdoor living space, why not make the interior of your home part of this space. Adding sliding doors is a great way to continue the space inside your home to the exterior space outside. There are many options for sliding glass doors, which include conventional 2-panel doors. Sliding glass doors also come in 4-panel styles or with sidelights. Here are some of the sliding glass door options to consider for opening your living space to the outdoors:

1. Smaller Spaces And 2-Panel Sliding Doors with Sidelights

The space in your home may be limited, but that modern features are still possible. For smaller wall space, use a 2-panel sliding glass door that you typically see installed in homes. One feature that will help to give your home more natural light is the addition of sidelights, which are the narrow windows on the sides of windows and doors. Sidelights will also help to make a smaller opening seem bigger than it is. Try to use a door that eliminates the maximum amount of wall space and gives you the feeling of openness to the outdoors.

2. Double 4-Panel Sliding Doors for Larger Openings to Combine Spaces  

If you have enough wall space to install more than one sliding glass door, a 4-panel unit is a great choice. Replace window openings with the larger 4-panel door to maximize the space. Contact a sliding glass door service to measure the opening and order units with sidelights if there is wall space that you want to eliminate. You may want to talk with them about doors that use the side-light space to give you are larger opening when the doors are completely open. This can be done by allowing the tracks to go all the way to the end of the door frame where the sidelights are located.

3. Multi-Panel Folding Sliding Doors To Maximize Opening Space

Conventional sliding glass doors operate on tracks that allow the door to be opened by sliding it to one side. The conventional operation leaves space that is always occupied by the sliding glass. An alternative solution, if you want to open your home to outdoor space, is to use folding sliding glass doors. These doors fold like a book to maximize the opening when they are completely opened. Folding patio doors also have different designs and can include multiple panels to give you the largest opening possible.

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider using sliding glass doors to seamlessly integrate interior and exterior spaces. If you want to have doors that open your home to outdoor living space, contact a sliding glass door service and talk with them about some of these options.