All The Parts Of A Double-Hung Window

If you need to fix a window, it helps to first understand the name and function of all the different parts of your window. A double-hung window is one of the more popular types of windows. Here is a breakdown of the eight main parts of any double-hung window.


The sash is the portion of the window frame that goes around the window pane you move up or down. The sash is generally made out of the same material as the rest of your window frame. It is important for the sash to properly fit within the frame in order to prevent air from escaping around the window.

Sash Lock

The sash lock is just a fancy name for the lock on your window. Most windows have a lock on the top of the moveable sash and window pane. Generally, the sash lock is a flip lock that you flip one way to lock and another way to unlock. Very rarely do sash locks require the use of a key, although these types of sash locks can be installed on your windows.


The jambs are the part of your window frame that goes around the sides and tops of your window. The jambs hold your window and glass in place. Jambs is the part of your window that you typically refer to as the frame.


The casing is the part of your window frame that goes fills in the space between your window jambs and your house framing. The casing helps ensure that your window fits properly within your house frame. A proper casing jobs helps keep air from flowing around your windows and into your home.


The sill is the bottom part of your window frame. It goes across the bottom of your window. It is the portion of your window that you see when you open your window up. The sill has a slight incline to it so that water can flow out of slits on the bottom that drain towards the outside of your house.


Pane is just a fancy word for glass. The glass inside of your window is a pane of glass.


Glazing goes over the glass in your window. Glazing has a variety of different purposes. Typically, the glazing on your glass accomplishes things such as reflecting ultraviolet ways away from your home.


Knowing the name and function of each part of your double-hung windows will make it easier for you to understand repair and care instructions for your double-hung window.