Creating A Rustic Country Look In Your Living Room

If you are looking to create a rustic, country look in your living room without undertaking a massive remodel, there are a few touches you can use to create this design aesthetic. Here are just some of the many options you can use to give your living room a hint of rustic country style: 

Barn Door Shutters

Window shutters can provide a beautiful and durable alternative to traditional curtains, and they also add to the overall rustic look in your living room. Choose sliding shutters with a crisp white finish for a bright and airy look, or opt for a natural wood finish to complement a darker color scheme. The shutters can be closed to block out sunlight or left open as a simple accent in the room. You can also match this look on the windows with a barn door entryway. For rooms with a narrow doorway, use the barn doors on either side for a beautiful accent in the room.

Braided Cotton Rugs

Braided cotton rugs can be used to anchor the room and introduce a bit of color. For a traditional look, choose an oval-shaped rug at the center of the room. Darker colors offer a beautiful accent for dark hardwood flooring, while lighter hues complement a neutral color scheme. For a large room, choose a set of matching rugs to define seating areas in the space. If you prefer a more plush floor covering, opt for patterned rug featuring soft pile and a country-inspired design, such as deer or bears.

Wood Ceiling Beams

Adding wood ceiling beams can create the look of a rustic country lodge. Have a contractor install the beams at defined intervals on the ceiling, and place a center beam down the middle of the ceiling to complete this look. Choose a natural wood finish for the beams, and consider painting the ceiling white or cream for a defined color contrast. A whitewashed finish can be a stunning complement to a ceiling with a natural wood finish. If your ceilings are too low for this option, consider adding wood beams as molding around the edges of the room. You can also add the beams around the doorways for a handsome finishing touch.

Visit your local furniture store to find decor pieces, accent tables, and other furnishings to complete your country theme. With the right window shutters treatment and accent pieces, you can create a simple yet classic look for your rustic country living room.