A Few Tips For Homes With Wood Shutters

The type of shutters that are on your windows is a critical factor in determining the appearance of the home while also helping to keep the windows safe. Wood is a common material to use in shutters, but it is a fact that homeowners will frequently neglect to properly care for their shutters. This can result in the shutters needing to be replaced prematurely, but there are some basic steps for protecting the shutters against the wear that they could experience.  

Treat The Shutters For Pests

Wood shutters can be particularly prone to developing pest problems. Termites and other bugs can be remarkably damaging to wood shutters, but there are homeowners that will fail to take preventive steps to keep pests from harming the wood shutters. To do this, you will find that applying pesticides to the shutters can be an extremely effective option for protecting the wood. Ideally, these pesticides should be applied throughout the spring and summer months. When applying the pesticides, you should be careful to schedule this for periods when rain is not expected.

Seal The Wood Shutters

While pests are a major problem for shutters, rot is another issue that can cause substantial damage to them. Homeowners will often fail to appreciate the fact that they can protect their shutters against this damage. For example, it is possible to apply a protective wood sealant to the shutters, and this will prevent the wood from being able to absorb enough water to start the rotting process. While paint will help to keep some of the moisture out of the wood, it will not be as effective as wood sealants. Therefore, you should apply the sealant in addition to painting the wood.

Ensure They Are Secured During Strong Storms

Strong storms can be another common source of damage for shutters. The intense winds from these weather events can lead to the shutters being ripped from the house or slamming into the exterior of the house with enough force to split the shutters. Whenever you notice that a strong storm is heading towards your area, you may want to take the time to thoroughly secure the shutters. This will require them to be locked into place so that they will be less able to be moved by the intense winds. If your shutters do not currently have locking devices installed, you should invest the money to have these features added to the shutters so that you can keep them safe during intense weather.