4 Different Window Solutions For Home Renovations And Energy Improvements

When you are doing home renovations, you may want to improve windows for energy efficiency or need solutions to make your home meet egress building codes. There are different choices of types of windows to use with your renovations for energy efficiency and improvements. Here are some of the different window solutions that you will want to consider for your home renovations:

1. The Need for Tempered Glass for Low Windows and Other Areas

Wherever some windows are located low near the floor or beside a door, tempered glass needs to be used to ensure that they are shatter-resistant. Sliding windows are a great solution for these needs and can give your home a green feature that allows you to open living space to the outdoors easily. The sliding windows and doors help ventilation, which will reduce the need to use air conditioning and help to keep your home cool.

2. Sliding Window Solutions to Meet Building Code Requirements in Basements

When doing renovations to your home, anywhere you have bedroom space, the windows will need to meet egress building codes. These are windows that are sized to make an emergency escape easy in case of fire or other hazards. In basements, this can be difficult because of the limited amount of wall space and the area of living space being below the exterior soil elevations. Sliding windows are a great solution to make changes to finished basement space and add windows that meet current egress codes.

3. Hurricane Window Improvements with Sliding Windows for Improvements

Hurricane windows are special types of windows that are used in areas that are often prone to storms. These windows can be used to replace existing windows, or they can be installed over existing windows to provide your home with more protection from storms and high windows. Hurricane windows are usually a sliding type window that opens horizontally.

Talk with a window service about the different options for horizontal hurricane windows that can be used to improve your home and make it more energy-efficient. These windows will also need to meet egress building codes, so there may be some areas where you need to choose other solutions because the opening will be too small once the new window is installed.

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider for windows when doing renovations to your home. If you need slider windows that are energy-efficient and meet egress codes, contact a horizontal sliding window installation service for help.