Don't Forget The Doors: 4 Tips To Complete Window Improvements With Replacement Doors

So, you have used replacement windows to improve your home and make it more energy-efficient, but have you thought about the doors? Just like replacement windows, there are also replacement doors that can be used to complete improvements and renovations. Here are some tips to help complete your window and door improvements with replacement doors for your home:

1. Removing Old Doors And Repairing Openings To Prepare For Replacements

The first thing you want to do before installing replacement doors is to remove the old ones. Depending on the type of replacement doors you are using, as you may only need to take the door off the hinges or you may need to remove some of the hardware and jam trim around the opening. You can talk with a replacement door service about the different options for the type of door you need to replace.  

2. Installing Replacement Doors And Insulating Around Existing Openings

Once you have the old door removed, you will need to install replacement doors. Install the door and make sure that it has even margins all around the perimeter when closed. You are going to need 2 install new weather stripping and insulate around the old casing. To insulate around the casing you may need to remove a few pieces of interior trim carefully to put insulation between the casing and the door. You may want to do this before you install the door to make adjusting the margins and leveling the new door easier.

3. Sealing Cracks Around Exterior Of Doors To Stop Leaks

Around the exterior of the door, there are going to be cracks between the casing an exterior finish. There will also be space beneath the door where air leaks into your home. Caulk around the existing door casing and anywhere else where there are cracks that cause air leaks. It is also a good idea to add a few beads of caulking below the door seal before installing the new door. In addition, make sure to replace all the old weather stripping to ensure there are no leaks once you have completed the installation.  

4. Adding Screen And Glass Storm Doors For Improve

To Improve your door replacement project, you may want to consider installing screen or glass storm doors. This is a great solution to create a barrier between the air outside and the air inside your home. It is also a good way to add natural ventilation to your home during the summer months without having to worry about mosquitoes and other bugs getting in.

These are some tips to improve your home with replacement doors when doing renovations to windows. If you are ready to complete your renovations, contact a replacement door service for help with these final details.