4 Great Window Choices For Your Small Bathroom

Having a window in your bathroom can provide some much needed natural light to a small space, and a window that opens can provide some much needed ventilation. If your bathroom has an exterior-facing wall, you should be able to put replacement home windows in your bathroom. Four great window choices for a small bathroom include a hopper window, transom window, glass block window, and a textured glass window.

Hopper Window

Hopper windows are set up high on a wall and are often used in bathrooms and utility rooms. Hopper windows have more of a square shape and less of a rectangular shape. They are designed to open inward towards your home, allowing air to vent into your bathroom. They work well in bathrooms with tall walls where the window can be placed up high to ensure privacy and ventilation at the same time.

Transom Window

Transom windows are accent windows. They are designed to be installed either below or above large picture windows for ventilation purposes. In older homes, they were even installed above interior doors to allow air to flow between rooms.

Transom windows also work really well in a bathroom. They are a long, rectangular shape and work well for a bathroom with limited space. You can install a non-functional transom window that will just allow light into your bathroom, or you can install a functional transom window that has a hinge that will open the window outward and allow air to flow into your bathroom as well.

Glass Block Window

Another option for a sliding window is one made out of glass blocks. The glass block design is not just used to create walls, but it can also be used on glass window panes. The glass block effects will give you a nice window with textured glass full of little squares, which may work well with your bathroom design. It allows light into the bathroom and allows for ventilation, all while protecting your privacy.

Textured Glass Window

If you have space for a window that slides horizontally or vertically, but you want a little privacy, go for a textured glass window. A textured glass window will make it impossible for someone looking in from the outside to see your bathroom activities. You will not get the greatest view of the outside either with a textured glass window. What you will get though is plenty of sunshine and the ability to open the window and get some fresh air in your bathroom space.