Are You Giving Your Entryway A New Look?

Have you decided that it's time to add interest to the entryway of your house? After all, first impressions count, don't they? When guests enter your home, if they see an attractive entryway, then they will surely find that the rest of your house is attractive too. From arranging for window film installation to selecting other decor, here are some ideas that might help you to give your entryway a new look. 

Residential Window Film Installation 

Do you have windows on either side of your front door? Perhaps you even have a large window that is part of the design of your entryway. Either way, consider having professionals do window film installation. Have you seen windows that have decorative film on them? If so, you already know that the film allows light to enter, and it also adds interest to the window. If you haven't seen window film in real life, you are in for a nice surprise.

Window film comes in so many styles that you might have trouble selecting the one you want. For example, if you want a contemporary look in your entryway, choose a geometric design for your window film. For a whimsical look, think of selecting window film that looks like glass bubbles or feathers. For a classic more formal look, consider selecting window film that has flowers as the focal point. Window film installation is probably more affordable than you thought it would be. In addition, the job will not take long to complete. 

Entryway Decor 

How large is the entryway to your house? If it is relatively large, consider adding side tables on both walls and buy chairs to place at the end of each table. If there is very little space, consider placing a pretty bench in the entryway. The artwork you select will set the tone you want in your entryway too. For example, if you have chosen contemporary furniture pieces, think of buying Picasso-type artwork for the walls. If you went with a traditional, formal look, consider selecting paintings or prints of things you love and placing them in heavy gold frames. For example, if you chose a floral design for your window film, think of framing prints of flowers or paintings of homes that have flower gardens as their focal point. If you chose a bubble design for a whimsical look, consider framing pictures of clowns or of cute animals.