Replacing A Glass Block Window In The Bathroom: Three Options To Consider

Glass block windows are installed in bathrooms to provide sunlight without impeding your privacy. However, these windows may be dated when compared to the rest of your home's decor. You may want a more modern look to your bathroom, and installing a different type of window can be a great way to give the room a quick makeover. Here are some options to discuss with your window installation service that might refresh your bathroom.

Privacy Window Finishes

Privacy window finishes offer a way to bring light into the room without giving your neighbors a view inside. Some privacy windows feature a frosted look, while others have the appearance of raindrops or walls of water. Your window replacement company can add a film to the window of your choosing to achieve this look, or you can purchase window panes that feature a unique texture. If you do choose a film, talk to your contractor about the proper care to ensure long-lasting results.

Stained Glass Inserts

If you want to bring a splash of color into the bathroom, consider a stained glass insert. You can work with your installer to find a custom design that suits your personal tastes. Options range from vintage-inspired designs to inserts with the look of mosaic tiles. Your window replacement company can help you choose the right frame to support the weight of the glass and the perfect frame finish to complement your home. This option is perfect for windows located in the shower area, as it provides a bit more privacy than even a film can offer. If you already have a piece of stained glass, or if you find one at a local flea market, consult with your window company to have a custom frame created for it.

Waterproof Window Shutters

Waterproof window shutters give you a bit more freedom to select a window that opens. If your bathroom doesn't have an exhaust fan, or if you prefer to let fresh air into the room, these shutters offer a great option. You can select a casement, sliding, or double-hung window for use with waterproof window shutters. Have your contractor order the shutters at the same time as the windows. This can help ensure proper measurements. Your contractor can then add the shutter installation to the window project so everything is complete at the same time. Look for shutters made from vinyl or other waterproof material to withstand moisture levels in the bathroom, and consider a plantation-style design to offer maximum privacy when they are closed.