4 Things To Consider When Replacing Window Blinds

If your current blinds are worn out and don't look that great or function that well anymore, it is time to replace your blinds. When it comes to replacing your blinds, there are a few things you need to consider carefully.

Consideration #1: Measure Your Windows Correctly

When it comes to replacing your window blinds, you need to make sure you measure them correctly. When it comes to measuring, you need to know if you are mounting the blinds either inside or outside the window frame.

Take a tape measure and measure the width of your window. You will want to measure the width of your window on the top, bottom, and middle.

For the length, you need to consider where you are mounting the blinds. It is usually a good idea to add at least a couple of inches to the length.

Double-check your measurements to ensure you got everything right.

Consideration #2: Type of Blinds

Second, you need to consider the types of blinds that you want to use. You want to get the right blinds. The right blinds could last for a decade a more, making them a long-term investment.

You need to consider if you want to allow natural light to come through the blinds or if you want to enjoy complete darkness. Do you want blinds that provide a level of insulation or not? You also need to consider the style and color of the blinds that you want.

Think carefully through the options to choose blinds that fit your home.

Consideration #3: Be Careful Removing the Old Blinds

When it comes to removing the old blinds, you are going to want to be careful. When you remove the old blinds, you are going to want to remove the valance carefully. Then, you are going to want to remove the hardware carefully. When all the hardware is removed, you are going to want to clean your windows carefully. This will allow you to have a clean surface to hang up your new blinds.

Consideration #4: Carefully Install the New Blinds

Once you have the new blinds, review the installation guide for the blinds that you purchased. Be sure to measure the location of the hardware to ensure it is appropriately placed. Then, carefully hang up the new blinds. You can also have a professional install the blinds to ensure no errors or issues occur.

When it comes to installing new blinds, you need to measure them carefully. Then you need to consider what type of features and blinds you need. Carefully remove the old valence and hardware, and use a professional to install the new blinds.