Tips For Choosing A Skylight

Are you ready to let more natural light into your home? If so, then a skylight or two could be the best solution. There are a few things to know when shopping for skylights that will ensure you get the right type for your home. 

Traditional or Tubular

Most are familiar with traditional skylights, which resemble windows on the ceiling. Not as many are aware of tubular lights or light tubes, which are little more than narrow tubes that penetrate through the roof and into a room to bring a bit of natural light but no view. Tubular lights are good for opening up small spaces or interior rooms with a bit of natural light, while traditional skylights let in light and open up the ceiling to a view of the sky.

Location Siting

Location always matters, and this is especially the case with skylights of any type or style. When choosing the location, you must consider the angle and exposure of the skylight. The section of the roof should have no penetrations or vents, as these will impede skylight installation. You also must make sure the angle and orientation of the roof at the proposed site won't lead to glares or light coming in at unwanted angles or times. 

Operation Options

Many skylight designs and most light tube designs are fixed, which means you can't open or close them to let in fresh air, but there are some skylight styles that come fully operable. You can open the skylight to let in fresh air, typically with a crank or via an automated remote system. Skylights that open can be more prone to water leaks, though, so make sure to choose a manufacturer and an installer that guarantees their products work. There are even options that have remotely controlled blinds integrated between layers of glass, so you can close the blinds on your skylight if the light is too bright or intense. 

Glass Coatings

Just like traditional windows, there are a variety of different coatings that can be applied to a skylight. Low-E coatings help reflect solar heat, thus leading to lower cooling bills in summer. Tinted coatings are another option, which can help reduce the heat coming through the window as well as cutting down on glare. Both options can be combined with multi-pane skylights that provide even more insulation and energy efficiency over traditional single pane designs. 

Contact a dealer with skylight products like Sky Light Source for sale to learn more about all of the available options.