Four Reliable Types Of Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting is an application of thin film to windows, intending to block sun rays from getting into the house in excess. When building a house, you should consider the type of window tint you want for your house due to a number of reasons. Windows are a significant part of a house, and it is essential to choose the tint that will satisfy your taste and save you from any regrets or paying extra costs. 

As we all know, a window's primary function is to let in light and fresh air in a house. However, many end up tinting their windows for other reasons. Different window tints in the market have made it hard for housebuilders to choose. This article will explore the different types of these residential window tints, making it easier for those building a house to use less time to choose what would satisfy them.

Metalized tint

Metalized film is the strongest window tint you could get. This type of residential window tint is growing in popularity. It is made of small pieces of metal that reflect away heat and light. The small pieces of metal are not visible, making them similar to another window tint. In addition, the metalized film is thick, making it durable, so the chances of its shattering are minimal.

Heat-blocking window tint

People have different reasons for installing a residential window tint. For those that prefer a cooler temperature house, this tint can help you accomplish that. Heat-blocking window film blocks the sun's rays and maintains an average temperature.

Translucent and opaque window tints

Those who are looking forward to having privacy in their residence can achieve it with translucent and opaque window films. There is a difference between translucent and opaque window tints. As for the translucent windows, they allow little light. On the other hand, opaque window tints do not allow any passage of natural light.

Mirrored window tint

This tint forms a two-way mirror effect. The effect is made possible when the light from outside happens to be brighter than the available light inside the house. On other hand, the situation means that, from the inside, you can see outside clearly, but while outside, you cannot see through the glass. This type of tint is good for anyone that wants to have privacy during the course of the day. 

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