3 Reasons You Need Blackout Roller Shades For Your Home Windows

When it comes to home decor, window shades are a much bigger deal than often thought. Shades determine just how much light can come through your windows and precisely how that light is filtered into your home. If you want to have easy control over the light in your home, you should invest in blackout roller shades. Here are three reasons why blackout roller shades are the upgrade that you need for your home's windows. 

During summer, you will be able to regulate temperature more easily

For those who live in sunny environments, it is common to see a rise in the use of your air conditioning and therefore a rise in your utility bill. Blackout shades will block light completely and permit you to have more control over the temperature of your home. Keeping the roller shades down during the day or just when you are out of the home will keep the home cool with less electricity. During the wintertime, you can roll up the shades to help heat up the home with the help of the sun. 

Sleeping while working the night shift is a cinch

When your schedule has you sleeping during the daytime, regular shades may not make your home comfortable enough to sleep in. To keep the home completely dark, install blackout roller shades in all rooms. Prior to the sun coming up, be sure to roll down all of the shades so that you can simulate darkness in your home. This will allow you to sleep without your circadian rhythm being affected by stray sun rays coming into the home. Once you are ready to start your day, you can easily and quickly roll up the window shades to allow light in for the day. 

Roller shades are operable for all ages

Homes that have children can often have difficulties with keeping shades nice, as children do not often know how to be careful with shades. Plastic shades tend to break or bend easily when forced open, which can mean the entire shade will need to be replaced in order to keep all the shades looking nice. With roller shades, you can have a chain that helps to bring up the shade, so that no one has to touch the actual shade to bring it up. Some roller shades can be set up so that they can be operated with switch buttons. Teach everyone in the family how to operate the shade so that the shades remain untouched and in perfect condition permanently.