3 Signs That It's Time To Consider Replacing The Windows In Your Home

Every homeowner should consider replacing their home's windows at some point. If you haven't replaced your windows lately, you may be missing some signs that you might need to do so. Here are a few signs that it's time to consider having your home's windows replaced: Your Windows are Really Old No windows are expected to exceed a lifespan of 40 years, but many types of windows aren't expected to last longer than 8 years or so.

4 Great Window Choices For Your Small Bathroom

Having a window in your bathroom can provide some much needed natural light to a small space, and a window that opens can provide some much needed ventilation. If your bathroom has an exterior-facing wall, you should be able to put replacement home windows in your bathroom. Four great window choices for a small bathroom include a hopper window, transom window, glass block window, and a textured glass window. Hopper Window

Don't Forget The Doors: 4 Tips To Complete Window Improvements With Replacement Doors

So, you have used replacement windows to improve your home and make it more energy-efficient, but have you thought about the doors? Just like replacement windows, there are also replacement doors that can be used to complete improvements and renovations. Here are some tips to help complete your window and door improvements with replacement doors for your home: 1. Removing Old Doors And Repairing Openings To Prepare For Replacements

Ready For New, High Quality Windows? What To Look For

New windows are a great way to update your home if you are dealing with high heating and cooling expenses because of air loss, and there are some high quality options to choose from. If you know that you are ready for new windows but you want to make an investment in windows that will last and be durable for years, here are some of the things that you want to look for when you start to get cost estimates and quotes.

Are You Needing To Replace Your Windows Too Often? Foundation Damage May Be To Blame

The strength of your windows is tied heavily to their supportive walls. If the walls are suffering from damage or a weak build, the windows are more likely to crack. And that kind of damage is more likely to occur in a home that is suffering from severe foundation damage. Read on to understand why your foundation is forcing you to buy replacement windows, and what you can do about it.